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Leader In Training (LIT) - Muskoka 2024

Updated: 6 days ago

To put it simply, this program is LIT and intended to light your leadership on fire!

This is a volunteer based program for young teens looking to gain more experience in leadership, problem solving, team-building and communication.

This is a great way to achieve your High School Volunteer hours in a fun and dynamic environment and grow into the Wake Hui Team!

Date & Availability: Flexible (June-August 2022)

Location: Bush’s Watersports Park

Position Type: Volunteer

Age Requirement: Finished Grade 8 (at the end of this school year) or older

Role Description:

The Volunteer will help at Kid Day Camps, with campers between the ages of 7-13. They will be responsible for helping with daily site set up and clean up to make sure all daily activities are organised. The Volunteer will help with camper drop off at the start of each day to help organize campers and create the riding order for the day. The Volunteer will also have the responsibility of supervising and running various team activities, beach and water games, and the craft centre. The Volunteer will be supervising campers on an ongoing basis throughout their camp experiences to ensure that all campers are having fun in an inclusive and safe environment.

Skills Required:

  • Ability to communicate with a wide range of clientele, from kids in grade school-high school and adults/parents.

  • Interact and engage each camper in a friendly and timely manner.

  • Ability to work in a team to ensure all campers are ready to ride at the right time.

  • Decision making and problem solving skills are important to troubleshoot issues that may arise throughout the day, making timely, effective decisions to ensure campers have fun and are safe while participating in non-wakeboarding activities.

  • Willingness to take risks and show initiative as volunteers will be supported to create and run parts of the programming to help develop their leadership skills.

  • Strong swimming skills as components of the day take place in the inflatable aqua park and swimming area.

  • Enthusiasm to spread the stoke of wakeboarding to every camper!!!


  • Completion of the Wake Hui Training Program (after successful completion of the above qualification and interview)

  • First Aid and CPR certification is an asset

Apply by filling out the ONLINE APPLICATION

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