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  • What should we bring to camp?
    Board shorts/swimsuit, extra t-shirt and shorts, hoodie and pants for cooler days, sunglasses and hat, shoes, beach towel, water bottle.
  • Is food provided?
    We have an unlimited supply of drinking water on site. We just ask that you bring a water bottle to fill up. A light snack is provided at the start of the day, so campers can have it whenever they start to feel hungry. This includes a granola bar, fruit gummies, juice box and apples. Mid day we have freezies to help cut down the summer heat. We suggest packing a bit of a lunch to make sure your camper(s) have more than enough for the day.
  • What happens if there is bad weather?
    Camp will run rain or shine, so make sure to do your sun dance to ensure clear skies and calm water. In the case of thunder and/or lightning, we will stop all on-water activities until 20 minutes has passed without another thunder or lightning incident occurring. In the case of torrential downpours camp may be cancelled for the day due to safety concerns. If this happens, all parents will be notified as soon as possible.
  • Do we need to have our own equipment?
    NO! We have a full line of equipment for campers to use throughout the camp day. This includes a lifejacket, helmet and wakeboard. If you have your own life jacket, we strongly recommend bringing it. If you have your own wakeboard, it is also a good idea to bring it so you’re practicing on what you'll ride back at the cottage. We will make sure to inspect the all your equipment for proper fit and to make sure it is suitable to ride at the wake park.
  • Should I sign my son/daughter sign up for Regular or Teen Camp?
    Regular camp is for ages 7-14. If your son/daughter will be going into grade 9 after the summer, they are the last year to be included in the regular camp. If you would prefer, you could put them into the teen camp. Teen camp is for high school aged campers. If you son/daughter is currently in grade 9 or higher, this is the camp for them.
  • Should you have prior wakeboarding experience?
    Experience is not necessary! With the user friendliness of the cable wakeboarding system, riders are pulled in an upward motion helping them get on top of the water more quickly than behind a boat and at a much slower speed. We have had many campers join us having never tried a water sport before and are up and riding on day 1 and hitting features by the end of the week!
  • When should we drop off and pick up our camper(s)?
    On the first day of camp you should arrive 30-40 minutes early. This will give us sufficient time to complete the registration process, sign waivers, hand out swag and do some opening introductions, before getting on the water. For the rest of the week, arriving 15 minutes early is perfect! Pick up will happen right at the end of the day. You don’t have to come earlier, but we always encourage parents to come and see their little rippers ride!
  • What is the cancellation policy
    CANCELLATION POLICY: If camp registration is cancelled 30 days prior to the start date of your camp session, a full refund will be granted, minus a $75 Administration Fee. If registration is cancelled within 30 days of the camp session start date, NO refund will be provided. (We will do everything in our powers to fill your camp spot. If your cancelled spot is filled Wake Hui Inc. will issue a full refund, minus a $75 Administration Fee.) Thank you for understanding and cooperating with these policies as we strive to provide the highest quality experience to all of our campers.
  • When I select my camp week I can't click "Next" to enter my campers registration info"
    Once you are directed to the "Calendar", you will need to click "the date of the first day of the camp week". You only need to select one of the days for it to apply to the whole week. Once a date is selected the "Next" button will become active to move to the registration form and payment.
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