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Nick grew up in the GTA, but was lucky enough to call his family cottage home for the summer months all his life! At his family cottage in Purdy he fell in love with the outdoors as he spend countless hours playing on the beach and in the water with friends. His early childhood was spent water skiing and tubing, then as water sports continued to develop he started kneeboarding, before being introduced to the new sport of wakeboarding. His love for water sports quickly developed! As a snowboarder, Nick naturally took to wakeboarding, which soon took over his life. He has been competing on the Provincial and National circuits for more than 10 years, winning many contests and most importantly making many lifelong friends.  


When not on the water, Nick grew up playing AAA and high school hockey and pursued his post-secondary education in Geography and Religion, before attending teachers college at the University of Toronto. As a full time high school teacher, teaching Geography and Anthropology, Psychology & Sociology and coaching various sports teams (skiing, snowboarding, volleyball and hockey) the positive impact that sports has on his students it was undeniable. It became his dream to merge his passion for water sports and coaching to help inspire the next generation of kids. From this desire, Wake Hui was formed!


“It has been an incredible journey to see my passion project have such an incredible impact on so many of our youth. To see the friendships that are formed, the confidence and self-esteem campers develop and how it motivates them in all aspects of their lives is the real reward. Making a bunch of rad wakeboarders is just the icing on the cake! I can’t wait for another summer on the water and to spread the love!” ~ Nick

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paige nags

Paige is passionate about development, growth and connection. Fun is how she fuels energy and happiness into everything she does. Being self aware and egoless in her leadership and relationships is a skill she continues to master throughout her continued development. Paige holds others and herself accountable to the commitment of growth, inspiration and evolution through everything they take on together. You can count on her to be authentic, honest and integral. She is a Board Director on Waterski and Wakeboard Canada and passionately represents all towed water sports in fulfilling her board duties. 


She has dabbled with a variety of different sports as a coach, athlete, manager and business owner. She has been fortunate to have the experiences of so many different types of sports through her life, ranging anywhere from windsurfing contests with her family in Cape Hatteras to being a Program Coordinator for a soccer school in Montreal. During her university career she was the Administrative Assistant for the Concordia Stingers Football team and then later became the Executive Assistant for the York Lions University Football team. In both positions, she learned the importance of candor in her communication and the value of egoless leadership. “Ultimately sport is what brings us together to create and inspire regardless of discipline.” Paige is the co-founder of Wake Hui and passionate about the growth of water sports and community as a whole. 


Water is emerging as one of the single most important resources of Planet Earth. This is for a variety of different reasons, but from experience she would say that water is a tool we can use to heal, connect and prosper as a community and as individuals. “What an incredibly powerful tool at our disposal as Canadian's, one we are humbled and excited to be a part of.”


Owner, What Wake Park


Mickey is an Amazing Race Canada winner, owner and operator of What Wake Park and is a true Muskokan local as he calls this place home year round. Mickey also made it into the Guinness World Records in June 2016 by cable wakeboarding for 10 hours straight!


Mickey has been a long time international wakeboarding competitor with many provincial and national titles.  Not only does he have the experience to get you out of the water on your first day riding, but he can get you landing your first invert in style!  


When Mickey isn’t at What Wake Park he can be found (like Where’s Waldo) travelling the world, making friends, and wreaking havoc in strange new lands.  So come out to What Wake Park and see the unicorn that is Mickey Henry before he vanishes off to another far away land!

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