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W A K E   H U I


C A B L E   P A R K


The goal of Wake Hui has always been to provide a place for our youth, families, and community members to have the opportunity to get outside, participate in sport and build friendships that will last a lifetime.  What better way to do this than to open up a cable water sports facility!  This facility will be located on the Bygone Days Heritage Museum property on a former gravel pit that has been reclaimed to a pond.   


Our goal is to create a community space where everyone is welcome to come participate.  Whether that be through our kids and teen camps, individual or group rentals, ladies ride nights, ride days for underprivileged youth, or community events, there will be something for everyone!  


With its central location in Collingwood and Town of Blue Mountains, this facility will enhance the vibrant summer tourism providing local families as well as tourists the opportunity to participate in a new sport in an affordable and environmentally friendly manner.  We want to provide another outlet for individuals and families to come to Collingwood to experience its unique culture and natural beauty.  


How Can You Help?


Public support speaks volumes into the viability of any new proposal.  We would love for you to share what we’re up to, telling your friends and family about this great new opportunity for the community and let the Mayor, Councillors and Staff of the Town of Collingwood know how much you would love for this project to happen!


Comments can be sent to:


Your letter of support will be forwarded to the appropriate contacts in the Town.  Let’s show them how amazing our community is and how much you would love a facility like this in Collingwood!

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