Assistant Director / Assistant Park Manager

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

This is a Collingwood specific role where you'll be able to flex those leadership skills. You'll be called to engage, mentor, train and inspire a team.

The Assistant Director will manage Cable Park operations in partnership with the Cable Park Director. The Assistant Director will be responsible for assisting and overseeing all facility and park operational requirements and ensuring all team members are supported in their training and while conducting individual job requirements.

They will be responsible for daily site opening and closing, customer support with all Wake Hui product offerings, lessons and camp bookings, and sales and service in the Park Pro Shop. The Assistant will help manage all staff and volunteers on site, taking the lead role when the Director is not on site. This will include assisting in the planning, organising, coordinating, scheduling, and directing of the daily park and team. They will monitor and review work performed, guiding and motivating team members, providing counselling, training and/or orientation when needed, and evaluating their performance. They will empower their team members to take a leadership role in their responsibilities and to create a self-sufficient team who is able to provide the highest quality customer experience, focusing on fun and safety.

The Assistant Director will assist in the oversight and actively participate in the instruction of our programs. They will instruct the fundamentals, rules, and techniques of various watersports, and run components of our Kid and Youth Day Camps and our Not-for-profit Ride Days, for underprivileged youth. They will play an integral role for our Camp Co-ordinator, Instructors and our Leader in Training volunteers, as they will serve as a mentor to these individuals to help them build their job specific and transferable skills. The Assistant will provide supervision allowing ongoing timely feedback to help increase their effectiveness in their roles as well as maintaining the highest quality experiences for our customers, campers and their families.

The Assistant Director will provide client care to ensure consistent communications to visitors, customers, participants and interested parties regarding a variety of topics including camp programs, lessons, site bookings, recreational facility rules, education on watersports, equipment requirements and coaching. They will help promote programs, activities and events by assisting in content creation and distribution through a variety of media channels. They will oversee all pro shop services, consisting of equipment maintenance and sales, site bookings, and guest check in. They will review complaints and attempt to resolve problems in accordance with Wake Hui Policies and Practices, reporting all complaints and problems directly to the Program Director.

The Assistant Director will oversee the care and use of the facility, grounds and equipment of the cable park, ensuring a safe environment for all staff and guests. They will monitor the use of our recreation facility, and move throughout the facility and grounds to oversee the cleaning, maintenance, and readiness for participant use, taking action to remedy any facility issues. They will assist in the maintenance and inventory of all equipment, materials, cable systems, and supplies.

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